Welcome to Bookwyrm.org, our home on the internet. You have reached the internet home of Les and April Rosenberg and their two cats, Luke and Leia. You may be wondering how this domain became their home, but that story starts a long time ago, before Les met April. Les is an avid reader and loves dragons of all sorts. In the mid nighteen-nineties Les purchased the domain Bookwyrm.org, (that is wyrm like a dragon, not like an icky thing that lives in dirt). Around the same time April, completely unknown to Les, was picking out her internet handle, Missbook, (She is still known as MissBook or Book to many of her friends today). Obviously, once April and Les met and started dating many years later, EVERYONE knew it was meant to be, (Yes, that was the mushy part). Reach out and chat with us some time!